Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Website!

I have a new website! I will probably not be using this space any longer, so I would encourage you to jump on over to aaronnystrom.com.

Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Project - December

This is the last part of my 365 project! When I started I wasn't sure if I would make it all the way, but here I am at the end. It has been fun.

With cousin Abigail
335 of 365

Alethia the Ballerina
336 of 365

337 of 365

338 of 365

339 of 365

340 of 365

I made this little tree for Alethia out of clippings from our big tree. She loved having her own tree.
341 of 365

342 of 365

Counting down the days to Christmas. This chain didn't last long before she tore every link apart at one time.
343 of 365

I heard the water running in the bathroom one morning. When I went to check on it, I found that Alethia had stripped and climbed into the sink.
344 of 365

345 of 365

Mmmm... Ice cream!
346 of 365

347 of 365

348 of 365

349 of 365

350 of 365

351 of 365

It rained quite a bit here, and Alethia had a great time playing in the flood water. That's my girl.
352 of 365

Helping make cookies.
353 of 365

Sorting clothes for "baby brother"
354 of 365

355 of 365

356 of 365

357 of 365

358 of 365

The wonder of Christmas morning.
359 of 365

Learning to rock climb. I'm planning climbing trips in my mind already.
360 of 365

361 of 365

The tide pools at Sea World. I know, I really need to get her out into a real tide pool.
362 of 365

Sea World day 2. She looks nervous, but really she loved the dolphins. She was trying hard to look at the camera like I asked her to while wanting desperately to see the dolphin in the tank behind us.
363 of 365

This needs a little work still, but it is still pretty cool. It is accomplished by shooting through a hole the shape you want the lights to be. I haven't gotten the hole size quite right, and it is really hard to get the foreground subject to stay still long enough for my experiments.
364 of 365

And finally, New Year's Eve 2010 - the final shot of the series. Alethia is practicing on her doll, hoping she gets a shot at bathing her baby brother, who is coming any day now.
365 of 365

Saturday, December 4, 2010