Wednesday, June 2, 2010

365 Project - May

It is hard to believe that May is gone. My parents' visit has come to an end, and they have headed off to Texas before returning to Peru. Alethia sure loved having them here, and it looks from this first shot of the month like my Dad had a good time with his granddaughter too.
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Aunt Shelley fixing Alethia's hair.
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I don't know what she's trying to do here, but I think it's pretty cute.
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All smiles.
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The pool has become a favorite hang-out.
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Alethia loves her cousin Abigail. Then again, she's incredibly jealous of the attention Abigail gets. Alethia is finding out that she is not the center of the universe.
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I love this one. I just wish there wasn't highlighter on her face.
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What's going on in there?
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Playing with sand toys at the park.
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Oh the concentration it takes to hold trash in your mouth and a rock in each hand while walking across stepping stones.
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Playing with rice and plastic animals.
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Apparently she wants to be alone.
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Ready, set, go!
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Helping Grandpa.
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That water is cold!
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I love this one. Alethia watched my Dad holding the baby and got her doll out to try to be like Grandpa.
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I think she is excited here about Happy Babies. You're better off not knowing what that is.
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I love the light here.
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Out for a walk, playing with big sticks.
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Feeding the baby doll.
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Come, share my mess.
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Going upstairs to see Mark and Shelley.
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Trying to learn how to use a key.
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Another smiling face.
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I think Andrew was instigating the face-making this time.
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She's not quite sure what to do with this snail. Anyone want to take it?
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Well, that wraps up another month's daily pictures. Check back again next month for more. Thanks for stopping by. If you have enjoyed this, leave me a note. I'd love to hear from you.