Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trip to Oregon


Torrey and I just got back from visiting her parents in Oregon for a little over a week. My office gets the week between Christmas and the New Year off, so we took advantage of the break and headed up north for a bit. We had a great visit, and here are a number of pictures from out trip. There are quite a few waterfall pictures, because that is something we saw quite a bit of. It snowed a little and rained a lot, and the creeks were running high, which made the falls nice and full. Since it was overcast, the light wasn't too good for photos, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The picture above is Lower Shelberg Falls, a short hike from Torrey's parents' house.

Our first night in Oregon we tried to feed Alethia some pears. She did not take too kindly to the experience.

After that, even the rice cereal she usually does pretty well with was not a big hit.

It snowed on us when we first arrived, but by later in the night it started raining, and continued to rain until shortly before we left. In the meantime we took a trip to higher elevation so that we could play in the snow.

I believe this is the Santiam River near Detroit Lake.

Fun in the snow


It was nice to come home to a wood stove.

Apple season is over.



We took a trip to Silver Falls, and enjoyed walking around some of the waterfalls in the park. Here are a few shots I took of South Falls.



It was very wet due to the rain and the mist from the waterfall, and many of my efforts to photograph the falls were hampered by wet gear or the threat of soaking my camera. We moved on from there to Winter Falls.

And then on to North Falls.

I spent part of one day, while Torrey and her Mom attended a quilting group, wandering around John Neal Park, looking for interesting things to shoot. I startled this deer as I trekked through a mass of berry bushes.

I saw a whole bunch of Nutria, but I never had my camera ready when they appeared, and they never came out of hiding much when I was ready for them. I did stumble across this California Quail though.

Another day we hiked up to Shelberg Falls. These photos are from the Upper Falls.


The trail here wraps around the back side of the waterfall (it does the same at South Falls, but I couldn't get any pictures there because it was far too wet).

Thursday night a huge wind storm swept through the area, and at least a dozen trees came down in our neighborhood.

Several of them ended up across the road, and since this is a dead end road, the only way for us to get out was to cut and clear our own way out.

Two cars on the street were crushed by falling trees. This one had five trees across it! From the street all you could see was the turn indicator flashing away. Notice where the radiator ended up.

A friend of the Barton's brought his Bobcat to help us clear the road. Without his help we may not have made it out in time to get to the airport Saturday morning.

Lee hard at work

This is Harry. He is quite a character. His house had a couple of trees come down on it, and he spent the day clearing them off as he puffed away on his pipe.


We did get out, and we even got home the next day. Now we are back to work and preparing for Christar's Orientation coming up soon. We'll let you know how that goes. Here is one last shot from our trip. Regrettably I rarely had my camera out in the house, so it wasn't until we were on our way to the airport (at 4:30 in the morning and without electricity because of the fallen trees) that I snapped this shot of Alethia and Baron. She loved the dog and got very excited every time she saw him. Baron, on the other hand, never seemed to know quite what to do with her.