Monday, March 1, 2010

365 Project - February

Here is another round of pictures from my 365 project. Enjoy!

After I took this picture I also took a video of Alethia eating corn. I showed it to her on my camera screen and she loved it. For most of the month asked for "corn" every time she saw a camera.
032 of 365

Mommy's little kitchen helper.
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Alethia dressed herself for bed this night.
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She started climbing out of her crib. We cannot thank the Hahm family enough for loaning us this thing.
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Learning to eat with a fork.
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It is difficult to shoot with any lighting equipment around Alethia because she always manages to get her hands on it.
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Bike ride.
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We'll make a musician out of her one of these days.
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The phone is a favorite toy.
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What an amazing family I have been blessed with.
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Almost bedtime.
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Getting ready for a camping trip.
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Out for a walk in Sequoia.
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"B's" as Alethia called them, and lots of them. There were literally heaps of ladybugs around the campground we stayed in and Alethia loved playing with them.
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We had a great time camping.
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She loves her friend Rebecca's bike and get's jealous when Rebecca rides it.
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This is what you get when you ask Alethia to smile for a picture.
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Helping aunt "Sha-sha" with her puzzle.
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Sitting in the "pack-pack".
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Picking flowers.
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She loves climbing on everything she can, especially when it give her access to new "toys".
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More climbing, more toys.
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What could be more fun than the sink in the laundromat?
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Perhaps the sink in the kitchen at home?
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Some friends came by for supper and brought their dog. Alethia loves dogs.
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Another dog.
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A trip to the playground marks the end of the month.
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