Friday, August 24, 2007

Back to the Books

Oak Leaves BW

So I don't actually have a photo that fits with this post... but since I am so hopelessly enamored with photography, I had to put up a picture anyway, and I happen to like this one a lot. Quite honestly, I'm very surprised that it came out as sharp as it did, since I was pretty antsy when I shot it. Just a few minutes earlier I had been following a butterfly as it fluttered around in search of a tasty Columbine, and when it settled on a flower, I sat down to get a better shot. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the spot I was sitting on was covered with stinging nettles.

But that is completely off topic. This week my second-to-last semester of seminary began. I am really excited about (most of) the classes I am taking. My least exciting class (and it is possibly so simply because I don't know what to expect from it) is Introduction to Language and Linguistics. I am taking that class because I am seriously considering pursuing Bible translation after I am done at Talbot. Next I have Theology III: Christ, Salvation and the Holy Spirit, which I have heard is a really good class. It won't be the most exciting or engaging class I have taken, but the professor seems to have a sincere desire to see his students transformed as they encounter the uniqueness of the person and work of Jesus Christ, and I look forward to learning from him. Next in line is Hebrew I. After four semesters of Greek classes I am starting into Hebrew, and so far it looks pretty intimidating, particularly since the alphabet is so unfamiliar. That also means it will be a good challenge, though, and I am excited to see what I can learn as I apply myself to a new language. Finally, I will be excercising my Greek muscles a little more this semester in a Philippians Exegesis class. This one has me really excited. The content is great, I get to work with Greek every week, and the professor is an incredible man. His passion for preaching God's Word runs deep and spills over even into his scholarship, to the point that he is not concerned about where the content of his writing ends up or whether or not he gets credit for it, as long as it is being used to build up believers in their faith. That is rare, and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to study under such a man. I will keep you posted on how the semester progresses.

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