Friday, September 21, 2007

Baseball and Family

The company that Torrey works for has season tickets for the Angels, and when they have extras that their clients aren’t interested in, they sometimes give them to their employees. So last night we had four tickets to the Angels vs. Mariners game, and we took Shannon and Shelley along with us.


It was fun to hang out with the girls, and the game was interesting too. The pitcher for the Angels hit one of the Mariners early in the game, and throughout the rest of the game there was payback and tension between the teams. At one point, Vladimir Guerrero (Angels player) was up to bat when he had to duck to avoid being hit in the head with the ball. The photo below shows the chaos that resulted from that. Apparently the pitcher and manager for the Mariners were kicked out of the game after the commotion died down.


Here is Shannon, the Angels fan…


…and the girls goofing around under the big A after the game.


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