Friday, September 26, 2008

Catching Up a Bit


The past few weeks have been quite busy. We drove up to see Torrey's Grandma over the Labor Day weekend. Torrey's sister flew in from Buenos Aires to see us and meet Alethia, and Torrey's mom came down for a bit as well, and we spent several days with Brett and Steph as well. Since then I can't quite formulate what it is that has kept us moving at breakneck speed, but it sure seems like that has been the case. I did teach in Sunday School last weekend, which took a good chunk of time to prepare for. I had 45 minutes to go through the book of Jonah (and I had it easy - before my turn, Alan Hultberg had two weeks at 45 minutes each to teach through the entire book of Isaiah). Anyway, let me share some pictures from the past few weeks.

Torrey's Grandma, catching up on the news. I love this shot.
Reading Up on the News

This was from the drive up to Rossmoor
Wind Farm

Alethia looking like a natural phone conversationalist
Early Start

Ethan meets a lady(bug)


When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Playing in the pool
Coming Up for Air

More pool play
Into Daddy's Arms

The Cousins play together

Alethia loves the outdoors (no really, she does)
Tree Climber in the Making

This is just a tree outside our apartment that I used as an exercise in balancing ambient and strobe lighting. I like the way it turned out.
Bursting Into Life

Another fun one... Keep an eye on sugar in the toaster oven.

And a parting shot - Alethia loves the Alpaca teddy bear I gave Torrey when we were dating.
Teddy Bear

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