Thursday, July 22, 2010

365 Project - June

I am over half way done with my 365 project! Below you will find the latest set that I have put together, and yes Andrew, I know it is a bit late in coming. Enjoy.

Practicing Faces
152 of 365

Not sure what she's thinking here...
153 of 365

154 of 365

Uncle Andrew taught her to eat hibiscus flowers. Just like our old days in the jungle.
155 of 365

This was a fun play space in the backyard of a friend's house.
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Hiking in the hills.
157 of 365

Looking for attention.
158 of 365

We spent a few days in Pennsylvania. This is bedtime in the hotel after a long day of travel.
159 of 365

160 of 365

Intrigued by her first personal encounter with a turtle.
161 of 365

Watch me, Mommy!
162 of 365

Flying from PA to TX.
163 of 365

Out for a walk. Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to get this child to look at the camera?
164 of 365

That looks like a good toy.
165 of 365

Cooling off on a hot Texas day.
166 of 365

Cooling off on another hot Texas day. I love this shot.
167 of 365

Back in SoCal
168 of 365

We found a caterpillar, let it pupate and hatch into a butterfly. When we took the butterfly outside it flew away before I could take a picture of it, and you can't see the larvae here, so you just have to trust that my story is true.
169 of 365

Learning to dress herself.
170 of 365

Gone fishin'
171 of 365

Exploring the concrete jungle.
172 of 365

Mmmm... fire.
173 of 365

Playing around
174 of 365

"Riding baby!"
175 of 365

Two years old!
176 of 365

Drinking from the hose.
177 of 365

Taking baby for a ride.
178 of 365

The dog gets thirsty too, right?
179 of 365

Alethia likes to say hi to the neighbor's dog.
180 of 365

Helping Daddy fix the trike.
181 of 365

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