Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bath Time!


Alethia's first few baths were unpleasant experiences for everyone involved. She hated it, so she screamed and fussed and squirmed, and generally made the process more difficult. That of course made the whole thing take even longer, resulting in an even more miserable child. Five weeks later she does quite well with baths, and one might even gather that she likes them. Last night Torrey was kind enough to let me out of my bathing duties to take a few photos of the happy girl getting her bath. Enjoy!



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Bethany said...

I love the posts...especially the one of Torrey and Alethia beneath the trees on the path. Beautiful! We'll try to start blogging again now that we're back in town. Braden will have to call you sometime with the Colorado update. Keep treasuring all the moments--even bath time!