Monday, July 28, 2008

Felices Fiestas Patrias!


I was having a bit of fun taking pictures of my Peruvian coins today since they are one of the few very obviously Peruvian articles in my apartment. Anyway, I hope that all my Peruvian friends enjoy this day of celebrating the veintiocho. If you happen to be in Peru, have some anticuchos for me. Shannon came over last night and we had ceviche, but we didn't plan in advance enough to track down any Inca Kola.


Want a Bite

Want some? We have some left over.

And just because I went to the work of taking these photos, maybe someone will enjoy them, so I'll add a few more here.

Medio Sol

Un Inti

Un Nuevo Sol

Dos Nuevo Soles


Happy Birthday, Peru!

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