Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Camping in Death Valley


I get Good Friday off, so we took advantage of the long weekend to get away for a camping trip to Death Valley. Neither of us had ever been before, and we had a blast. Alethia loved it. For some reason she especially loved filling her mouth with gravel, sand or clay, whichever happened to be handy. That first photo is from our campground at Texas Spring, but the picture makes it look much nicer than it actually is. The campground is quite bare for the most part, with nothing more than large stones separating the gravel covered sites that are the majority of the campground. We did have a lot of fun though, especially getting out and hiking around various parts of the park.

On Friday we hiked around the sanddunes near Stovepipe Wells.

Alethia thought the sand was great.

And like I said, her favorite part was filling her mouth with sand.

My favorite was climbing the dunes (and taking pictures). We made for the peak of the highest dune, a trip that is supposedly 4 miles round trip. It would have been quite a trek on a hot day, but the weather was gorgeous for us, and the hike really could not have been more pleasant.


Torrey didn't sleep as well as I did Friday night, so when Alethia woke up on Saturday morning and refused to go back to sleep, I got to take her out for a morning walk while Torrey got a bit more sleep.

We walked out from our campsite and ended up climbing to the top of this (from the back of course)

It was a beautiful morning to be out before the sun.

Alethia fell asleep on the walk, so I let her nap for a bit while I took pictures of the few flowers I could find.



Later on Saturday we went to the Harmony Borax works and to the ghost town of Rhyolite.

While we sat in the car eating lunch, Alethia practiced her climbing skills.

Sunday morning we found a nice hilltop and had our own little Easter sunrise service. The sunrise was glorious, and our time of worship was fantastic.

After breakfast we packed up and headed home, making a stop at Golden Canyon for a quick hike and at Badwater, the lowest point in the United States.


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