Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Photos


This post is just for the purpose of sharing a few of my favorite pictures taken over the past month or so. The shot above is a poor-man's-macro shot of a lily, lit using my homemade flash cable. Good times on a budget.

This hummingbird nest is just outside our kitchen window.
Mama Bird

We visited the LA zoo a few weeks ago and my favorite photo from the trip was a flower. Go figure.
Splash of Red

Another flower; this one at the entrance of our apartment complex.

This heron has been hanging around the pond in our apartment complex for a few days.
Ever Watchful

Last but not least, here is our little adventurer trying out a headlamp.

1 comment:

Daniel Peckham said...

Beautiful photos, as always. You have a great eye for capturing unique stuff even in the normal surroundings.