Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

California Poppies

I guess it is a little late to wish you all a happy Easter now that it is over. We had a great one though, though I thought I would share just a taste of that here. Torrey and I spent a couple of days in Lancaster so we could enjoy the Poppy fields in Antelope Valley. It was beautiful.

I woke up at 4 am Sunday morning and decided to head out to the fields for the sunrise. In Yarina we had a tradition of spending Easter morning down by the lake for a sunrise service, and since then I have tried to get out for the sunrise most Easter mornings. While I have very fond memories of all things related to Yarina, Easter sunrise services included, I would have to say that yesterday I experienced the most satisfying Easter sunrise ever.

When I got to where the flowers grow, it was dark, windy and cold. The moon was up, but even with the light it gave I couldn't see any of the color I knew was there. The transition to light was nothing less than stunning as the cold dark wasteland came to life with the brilliant orange of the poppies. Equally stunning was the change that I witnessed when the sun finally hit the flowers. In a moment they burst into life with a beauty that my pictures cannot come close to conveying.

The experience was amazing, and it was a beautiful reminder of the glory of our risen Lord who has overcome the darkness and who is the Light of the world. Praise be to His matchless name! He is risen indeed!

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Daniel Peckham said...

I love what you did with depth of field in this shot. Very nice!