Tuesday, April 6, 2010

365 Project - March

The third month of my year-long project is over! Enjoy this latest installment of images.

Brett and Stephanie came over for dinner and Alethia had a great time with their kids. Savannah loves posing for pictures, and Alethia wanted to be like her big cousin.
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This Pooh outfit was among some clothes that were passed down from Savannah to Alethia. She loves it.
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Bottle time.
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Alethia loves reading books.
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Making new friends.
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What could be more fun than splashing in puddles?
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Out for a walk in the park with Torrey's parents who were in town for a few days.
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She is already trying to climb trees! Those shoes have got to come off next time.
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We had a brief experiment with potty training. Alethia was thrilled about sitting on the toilet, but not particularly committed to the purpose for being there.
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Aunt Shannon has been teaching her how to make faces.
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Bed time!
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Bed time again. This can become a bit of a trend, as I often forget to pull my camera out until she is going down for the night.
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I think here she is excited about finding a rock in the parking lot. Ah, simple pleasures.
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Smelling flowers.
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Patty cake, patty cake...
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More photographic negligence bedtime.
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The ducks in the pool have captured her attention.
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Heading upstairs to see Maka and Shasha (uncle Mark and aunt Shelley).
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What could be tastier than a big helping of butter?
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A trip to the beach. The sand was great, but the ocean was... a bit intimidating. We heard her say "no waves" a lot for several days.
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Out for a walk in the hills.
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Our little artist at work.
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Out and about in the apartment complex.
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Apparently it is more fun to push stuffed animals on the tricycle than it is to ride it.
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Licking the beater (just for you, Mom - there is no raw egg in this).
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Alethia loves helping to cook. So when we were at a loss for something to keep her occupied with, I had her help me make some cookies.
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Reading again (at bedtime).
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Practicing faces in the mirror.
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And finally, terrorizing the ducks at our apartment complex.
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Daniel Peckham said...

I especially like the one of her looking left through the fence. Very nice!