Tuesday, May 4, 2010

365 Project - April

Another month has come and gone. A major highlight of the month has been my parents' visit. They came last week and will be here a month because Shelley is having a baby. It sure is good to have them around and Alethia loves spending time with them. This month's images are a bit goofed up though. Torrey and Alethia spent a week in Colorado with Torrey's sister, so I used extra images from the rest of the month to fill in the missing days. I cheated a little. Enjoy the pictures anyway.

Here we're watching the ducks on the pond at our apartment complex.
091 of 365

She was very... animated about egg decorating. Most of the eggs ended up broken before the decorating was over.
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This was the day before Easter in Antelope Valley.
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Easter Eggs!
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Playing piano with her Great-Aunt Jane.
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Blankies were made to be eaten...
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...and kitchen timers make great phones.
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Whatever is in here can't taste nearly as good as the wrapper.
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Out for a walk.
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Having fun at supper time.
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This is the kind of thing I get when I try to get her to pose for the camera.
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We'll make a mountaineer of her yet.
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Playing with the bed.
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So stylish.
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In the car.
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At the airport headed for Colorado. Someone needs more sleep.
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After this stunt she begged me for days to hold the whole bread herself.
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Tickle time!
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Low light + moving target = busy blur.
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Looks like bedtime. She looks like she could fall asleep at any second.
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Examining the flowers.
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More flowers to play with.
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A little boy was walking by and caught Alethia's attention.
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Being playful.
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Alethia loves to climb.
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How many cups can a little girl carry? She's determined to find out.
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Grandma gets to brush the little one's hair.
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Looking for bugs with Grandpa!
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