Monday, February 25, 2008


Maybe I am way behind the times on this, but I just found out about a movie that sounds quite fascinating. It is called "Expelled", and it is about the agenda to silence those who oppose Darwinism in the academic arena. The movie was put together by Ben Stein, who is himself very interesting, and should be in theaters in April. It looks to me like it will be worth checking out. Since I haven't seen it yet I don't know how much to recommend it, but again, it does look like it will be worth seeing. Watch the trailer and let me know what you think.

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kelly said...

Hey Aaron, it's Kelly (your cousin) My mom sent me the link to your blog to see the amazing pictures of your trip to the Philippines. I can't believe the postcard quality of the photos. You have a gift. I have enjoyed reading up on what is going on in your and Torrey's life. I am excited to find out that you all will be having a little girl in June. You are right, it will forever change your life, but in a good way. Anyway, good to catch up - kind of!