Monday, April 28, 2008

Camping with the Family


Last weekend Torrey and I went camping with my family up in Idyllwild. We had been trying to put together a trip like this for some time, and we finally did it. We found out when we got up there (contrary to information we had received on the phone) that the only site open was the State Park site called Stone Creek. That wasn't our first choice for campgrounds, but we went anyway since it was our only option. We ended up finding a great site that worked well for us, and we had a great time hanging out together for the weekend. My parents came, along with Torrey and I, Mark and Shelley, and Shannon, who brought her friend Katie Hummel. My mom planned the food, so mealtime was quite the event. We tried some hiking, but the baby held Torrey back quite a bit, so in the end, we had some very nice walks in the woods. Here are some pictures from the weekend. A larger set is here. I also got some good 3D shots that I will post when I have the time to put them together.







Our last evening we walked up to a nice vantage point to watch the full moon rise, and as we waited, we watched the clouds come in from below us. It was awesome watching the clouds ebb and flow through the mountains as the air currents from the mountains clashed with those coming from the desert below.

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