Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Visit to the Los Angeles Zoo


During Spring Break I had the chance to take Torrey to the zoo. This was our first visit to the LA zoo, and we definitely enjoyed it even though it was not the most spectacular zoo we have been to. I must say that I was disappointed that we never got to see the river otters. But that is typical of zoos everywhere. Check here for more pictures. Or just enjoy the ones posted below.

Below is Reggie the alligator. Reggie was spotted in a Los Angeles park in the summer of 2005, and avoided being captured by a variety of professionals until nearly 2 years later. He was quite popular in the news for a time, and someone even created a blog from Reggie's perspective.

Did you remember the grade-school song about the kookaburra? I don't believe I had ever seen one before, nor did I know that the kookaburra is a type of kingfisher. Fascinating.

Torrey and I ate our lunch in front of the kookaburra cage, hoping the merry, merry king of the bush would laugh for us. He never did.

These guys were fun to watch. As he ruminated you could see the lump of cud moving up and down his long slender neck. Cool!


I've always loved these cranes.

This guy looks like he had a rough day.
Rough Day

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